How to lose weight naturally

Did you know that on an average you can add up to 0.7 kg per year in your midlife, without any seemingly obvious changes in your diet? It leads to mid-lifers always wondering how to lose weight naturally. Without gaining it all back.

If you are approaching midlife or are already there, you would have noticed that it brings with it an expanding midriff too. You would have also noticed that the inches on the waist have a knack of settling down and have no plans of moving out. Getting on to the weighing scale is always a matter of fear because you never know what it will show.

This is true of all races, incomes and genders. Unhealthy weight gain is no respecter of education too.

Excess body weight is not only bait for the body shamers but also an invitation to type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problems. In fact, excess weight is the underlying cause of many a lifestyle disease. Therefore, the first advice doctors will give you when diagnosed with any of the above diseases, will be to lose weight.

And if you are an enthusiast of food, then everyone, including your well-wishers and your near and dear ones, knows where to lay the blame. They are quick to banish you to the gym and take your favourite foods off your plate.

But then you notice that no amount of gymming, exercising or dieting results in any kind of weight loss.

And if you do lose weight after much effort, you will see that it comes back with a vengeance.


Here begins the real hunt for weight loss tips. There might be some well-meaning acquaintances that lead you to weight loss programmes. Better still they might even suggest some slimming pills or miracle tea. You spend some more hard-earned money only to realise that the extra kilos have no intention of going anywhere.

You tap all your resources in the hope that someone will lead you to the evasive answer.

So, let us now understand the root cause of weight gain in midlife and why it is more difficult to get rid of it than when you were younger.


The explanation is pretty simple. As we age, our metabolism decreases, which means that we are not able to digest, assimilate and eliminate whatever we eat. The body is not able to burn as many calories as it consumes. This results in fat settling down in different parts of our body and if we continue with our lifestyles, this will only get worse.

Another major factor is imbalance in hormones, especially in women. As menopause knocks at the door, progesterone decreases and oestrogen increases due to changes happening in the body.

Decreased muscle mass: with advancing age the muscle mass, which normally burn up calories, decreases which in turn has an adverse effect on the metabolic rate


How to boost metabolism naturally

At this point, let us understand that slimming pills and medications will not increase the metabolism.

The trick is to address the root cause of the weight gain. Instead of constantly thinking how can I lose weight naturally, it would be more productive to analyse why it is happening in the first place.



Eating a high fibre, nutrient dense diet will help largely. We need to really check what kind of food we eat rather than how much. Are we eating too much of meat, eggs and dairy? Too much of junk food?

It is time to eat what nature meant for us to eat – fruits and vegetables. Plant based foods are packed with nutrients, fibre and taste. They are also free from fat, antibiotics and artificially injected hormones.

Food from plants, which are had as whole as possible, are the real weight loss foods. They have no fats or cholesterol so there is no question of gaining weight from them.

Remove the refined and simple carbohydrates from your plate. Include complex carbohydrates like grains and legumes. Learn to read labels so that you can catch the hidden sugars and toxins in packaged foods

Smaller portions: eat only till you are 80% full. Avoid eating till you cannot eat any more. Do not let there be any distractions like the television or your phone or the newspaper while having your meals.

Natural ways to lose weight


Drink plain water whenever thirsty. Most of the time, we mistake thirst to be hunger and give our bodies food instead of water which leads to an excess of calories. Avoid carbonated drinks which include a lot of empty calories.

Activity level

A sedentary lifestyle is also a major factor towards slowing down the metabolism. We need to move our bones and muscles even when we are getting older, contrary to popular belief.

Exercising in any form is a big contributor to natural weight loss. One does not need to go to a fancy gym; just walking around at home, climbing the stairs, some yoga/pilates will go a long way. It is said 30 minutes per day for at least 5 days a week is good enough.

Weight training will help to raise the resting metabolic rate


Reduce all forms of stress. Try to lead a stress-free life. Deep breathing, pursuing a hobby, leisure time activities are known to drive away the stress from a hectic day.


Get a good night’s sleep. It is not how long you sleep, but how well you sleep that matters. Tiredness from not resting well can play havoc with your appetite and result in weight gain.


How to burn fat naturally

Now that you know what the reasons for putting on weight are and how to reduce body fat naturally, you can heave a sigh of relief. And get to the root cause, and nip it in the bud. Rethink your diet choices. Rethink your lifestyle. This will be the only way, not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to keep it off.

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